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Current Covid-19 guidelines for Salon Goldyn

  • PLEASE do not come in if you are feeling sick. Last minute cancellation fees are being waived for the time being.

  • A waiver and health symptoms check sheet must be signed before your service. If anyone is concerned with either of these documents, we can email them to you beforehand to review.

  • We will be taking temperatures with a no touch thermometer before your service can begin.

  • All clients entering must have a mask on. We will always also be wearing masks to ensure your safety. Masks are not supplied for customers by the salon but any that you have made or are using out in public are fine! We are also asked to turn customers away for services if a mask is not worn.

  • No beverage services for the time being to ensure masks stay on and as to not spread germs.

  • No children, family members or pets can come to anyone else’s appointment for the time being. Only one guest that has a scheduled visit (Hate this one as we love all your pets and children).

  • Please stay in your car until your stylist texts you to come in. We are operating on a strict maximum of 10 people in our space and one client per stylist at a time.

  • The salon is a physical-embrace-free zone (no handshakes, hugs or high fives). Just for the time being…… (Hate this one also and cannot wait to hug all of you guys someday soon!

What we are doing to keep you healthy!

  • None of us will come to work if we are not feeling well! We value and care about all of you!

  • We will always all be wearing masks.

  • Stations are 8’ or farther apart to adhere to the 6’ rule.

  • We have ALL the necessary and required cleaning supplies and we all have 20 min between clients to sanitize and get our stations clean and ready for you.

  • We have all been sanitation and Barbicide certified to acquire and to maintain our cosmetology licenses. However, during this time off, our staff has recertified in sanitation practices and we have certificates posted on our stations.


Last message to all of you supportive and amazing clients that make Salon Goldyn successful:

We are so thankful for you all!

Please bear with us as we navigate the unknown and how to get back to where we left off!

We have all the time spaced out to clean effectively and take you at your scheduled time but if you’re waiting on your text to come in and we‘re 5 min behind, just know we saw it and will welcome you in ASAP!

If you have any salon specific questions, you can call or text Mandie at 303-809-8897. If you need your stylists personal info, email and they will reach out to you within 24 hours.









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